Welcome to Kimberly's Kitchen

I'm Kim and this my story.

I started baking and cooking in my teen years..( lets just say that was awhile ago ).

I loved cooking and baking for my family and friends, at 19 I began a career in emergency services where I served for about 30 years.

Along the way my baking and cooking skills started to expand to co-workers, their families and then the public by word of mouth.

In 2007 I started an ice cream and concession truck business which I operated till 2015.

In 2015 I opened a bakery, restaurant and function facility.

Eventually I moved from the upper east... ( where it's cold and snows !! ), to the warm beaches of the south.. ( where it's hot and muggy !! ), to be close to my family who transplanted themselves down south years earlier.

The phone kept ringing looking for my trucks, baked goods, catering services etc...

So I decided to come out of retirement and offer some of my most requested goodies for everyone to enjoy.

So now your here...please browse thru my goodie pages...

( I hope they make your mouth water ).. and enjoy.